Luc Valigny by Charlotte Ortholary

Luc Valigny

Luc Valigny lives in Paris.As a teenager discovering Max Pam, Richard Avedon and Anton Corbijn, Luc Valigny had already embarked on a path that would eventually lead him into professional photography. He worked first as an assistant to Christian Kettiger and then for Emmanuelle Hauguel.

As he criss-crossed the African continent, he acquired his signature style, in harmony with his respect for the environment and beauty in its most natural form, authentic and free from artifice. Music was a natural progression for Luc. His travels had permeated him with sounds that reached all round the world and Luc had a unique ability to work with musicians from every kind of background. His experience of cultural fusion and exoticism, his travels to Jamaica and more recently to Eastern Europe endowed him with such great sensitivity that his images are sometimes audible.Luc also explores the urban jungle, turning his lens on basketballers and skateboarders. From atmospheric photography to lifestyle and fashion shots, Luc’s work is characterised by a gentle, light-footed approach.

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Luc Valigny by Charlotte Ortholary